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Log Viewer Plus 1.0.0

Log Viewer Plus 1.0.0: Quickly parse and analyse your log files with the professional log viewer. Viewing log files through a text editor takes a lot of time and patience. Log Viewer Plus is specifically designed to help you view your log files. It handles basic tasks like colour coding log entries and more complex tasks like merging log files or filtering log entries. All of the features in Log Viewer Plus work in combination. For example, you can merge files and then filter by Error. Composition is the real power of Log Viewer Plus.

Log2Stats 1.6: An easy to use yet powerful tool to get your web site stats from the log files
Log2Stats 1.6

Log-to-Stats is a modern web analytics software that parses log files from a web server, and based on the values in the log files, generates stats about who, when and how a web server is visited. Log files are parsed into a proprietary database optimized for web site stats. Later you can generate any reports by demand. Using our program you can easily convert your server log files to web traffic stats on accessed site`s resources, visitors` activity

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MakeLogic Tail 2.1.0: Similar to the 'tail -f' of Linux. Shows the last few lines of a log file in GUI
MakeLogic Tail 2.1.0

Logic Tail" Projects - Related log files can be added into one project for easy log file management - Hot links to recenlty opened files from the client area of the main window - Tails multiple log files in a single MDI window. Each log file will be opened in a separate child window. Hence more than one log can be monitored at the same time. - Search the log files. Ability to search the currently active log file, or all open log files. Search can

utilities, webservers, tools, makelogic, tail, access logs, error logs

Text Log Monitor Monitor, alert, archive, view, and filter large text log files
Text Log Monitor

logs. Supports both delimited and non-delimited text log files. Delimited files follow a specific format enabling programmatic parsing over multiple lines, for example, syslog files. Delimited files are read line by line until the next entry delimiter is reached. Once reached, all lines are concatenated together to form an entry. Non-delimited files do not follow any specific format making programmatic parsing impossible. Non-delimited log files

text log filter, text log viewer, tail, text log monitor, syslog monitor

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WinLog V1.1.2

Log can be used for capturing Syslog messages sent by different devices and hosts. 2) Converting event log to syslog messages on windows. 3) Filtering of syslog messages in sylog log files on different criteria. 4) Exporting syslog log files into different formats like HTML, CSV(Exel), TXT. 5) Relaying syslog messages to different host/syslog server Features: 1) Captures syslog messages and format them into readable format. 2) WinLog decodes priority

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WMS Log Storage 4.5: Generate detailed reports from Windows Media Services raw log files.
WMS Log Storage 4.5

log files and supports the entire set of Windows Media Services log file data and provides the best and most complete analysis of these files. WMS Log Storage supports log files of the W3C Windows Media Services or Adobe Flash Media Server format and exported files in the CSV format. Needless to say, it can recognize log file formats automatically, extract compressed log files, process multiple log files and download log files from various sources

log analyzer, services, media, windows, windows media services, windows media services log, analyzer

Proxy Log Storage 3.5: The Proxy Log Explorer is application for monitoring usage of Proxy server.
Proxy Log Storage 3.5

log files, process multiple log files and download log files from various sources: local path, Web or FTP. The flexible system of filters allows you to customize Proxy Log Explorer in the best possible way so that only data that you need is displayed in reports. Proxy Log Explorer supports more than 5 proxy log file formats. Needless to say, it can recognize log file formats automatically, extract compressed log files, process multiple log files

log analyzer, proxy servers, proxy analyzer, proxy

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